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Sealed Sources and Devices

Sealed sources and devices containing radioactive material are commonly used in industry and medicine.


Some industrial uses of sealed sources and devices include: 

  • Inspecting metal parts and welds for defects;
  • Measuring and monitoring the thickness of:
    • Sheet metal;      
    • Textiles; 
    • Newspaper; 
    • Plastics; and 
    • Other products;
  • Measuring the density of  certain materials;
  • Recording geological features of a well;
  • Detecting trace amounts of plastic, commercial, and military explosives;
  • Calibrating instruments; and
  • Generating heat or power for remote weather stations and space satellites.  

Some medical uses of sealed sources and devices include:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Instrument calibration  

All sealed sources and devices must be approved before they can be distributed or used.  The Ohio Department of Health reviews applications for sealed sources and devices containing sealed sources for Ohio companies that manufacture and distribute these items.  

For more information on the licensing and approval process, click here.



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Created 01/25/2017