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Information Notices

Information Notices are issued to provide significant, recently-identified information about safety, safeguards or environmental issues.

Licensees are expected to review the information for applicability to their facilities and consider actions, as appropriate, to avoid similar problems.

IN1303 Importance Of Verification Of Treatment Parameters For High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Administrations 9/6/13
IN1302  Permanent Implant Brachytherapy Medical Event Reporting Under 10 CFR Part 35  8/2/13
IN1301 Recent Radiography Events Resulting In Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits 1/9/13 
Good Practices Handlers of Radiation Therapy Equipment - Good Practices to Reduce Misadministrations  1/20/12
HDR Notice  Medical Licensees Using High Dose Rate Afterloaders  2/21/12
IN1201  High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader (HDR) Physical Presence Requirements  4/10/12 
IN1001  Findings from the NRC Initiative to Access Materials Licensees' Compliance with the NRC Decommissioning Requirements 2/26/10
IN0802 Performance of Required Shutter Checks and Reporting of Shutter Failures For Fixed Gauges 12/01/08
IN0801 Radioactive Source Disposal Options 10/01/08
IN0706 Varian Medical Systems Varidource HDR Events: Iridium-192 Source Pulled From Shielded Position 11/15/07
IN0704 Fingerprinting Requirements for Licensees Implementing the Increased Control Order 6/20/07
IN0703 Yttrium-90 Theraspheres and Sirspheres Impurities 3/15/07
IN0702 Reportable Medical Events Involving Patients Receiving Dosages of Sodium Iodide Iodine-131 Less than the Prescribed Dosage because of Capsules Remaining in Vials after Administration 3/1/07
IN0701 Reporting Requirements for the Distribution and Possession of Generally Licensed Tritium Exit Signs 1/22/07
IN0604 Proposed Changes to Rule 3701:1-40-16 of the Administrative Code 9/18/06
IN0603 Applicability of Patient Intervention in Determining Medical Events for Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery and other Therapy Procedures 6/28/06
IN0602 Declaration Regarding Material Assistance or Non-Assistance to a Terrorist Organization 5/10/06
IN0601 Unauthorized Administration of Radioactive Material for Medical Use 4/17/06
IN0504 Clarification of the Reporting Requirements in OAC 3701:1-38-21 12/5/05
IN0503 Low-Dose-Rate Manual Brachytherapy Equipment-Related Equipment-Related Medical Events 10/13/05
IN0502 Patient Release Card 8/29/05

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