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Radiation Protection Programs

Agreement State Program
The Agreement State Program is tasked to function as the licensing and inspection group for radioactive materials. Health physicists perform both licensing and inspection of radioactive materials as well as response to radiological incidents.

X-ray has jurisdiction over the radiation-generating devices in Ohio. Devices include X-ray machines, linear accelerators and electron microscopes. X-ray uses a registration system and performs on-site inspections of facilities such as hospitals, dental offices and industrial radiography.

Radiological Health and Safety
 Radiological Health and Safety includes response to nuclear power plant emergencies as well as response to radiological incidents. The program includes oversight and monitoring of the decommissioning activities at federal facilities where radioactive materials were used and supports the Agreement State Program with respect to licensee decommissioning and low-level radioactive waste.  In addition, this program maintains website updates, and the Bradiation email listserv account.

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Radiation Protection Programs
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Last Updated:  2/18/2016