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Radiation Protection Rules and Regulations

Chapter Description
3701-72 X-ray Machine Operators, Radiographers, Radiation Therapy Technologists and Nuclear Medicine Technologists: Licensing and Education Programs
3701-83 Licensing-- Ambulatory Surgical Facilities and Certain Freestanding Health Care Facilities (3701-83-01 through 3701-83-14 and 3701-83-43 through 3701-83-55)
3701-84 Certain Health Care Services (HCS) Standards: Facilities, Personnel, Patient Selection Criteria, Reports (3701-84-01 through 3701-84-14 and 3701-84-67 though 3701-84-74)
3701:1-37 Physical Protection of Category One and Category Two Quantities of Radioactive Materials
3701:1-38 General Radiation Protection Standards for Sources of Radiation
3701:1-40 Licensing Requirements for By-Product and Accelerator Produced Radioactive Materials
3701:1-43 Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM)
3701:1-44 Licensing of Source Materials
3701:1-46 General Licenses and Licenses for Manufacturing and Distribution
3701:1-48 Radioactive Material Standards - Industrial Radiographers
3701:1-49 Radioactive Material Standards - Well Logging
3701:1-50 Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials
3701:1-52 Radioactive Material Standards - Irradiators
3701:1-54 Low-Level Radioactive Waste
3701:1-56 Special Nuclear Materials
3701:1-58 Medical Use of Radioactive Materials
3701:1-66 Radiation Generating Equipment Requirements and Quality Assurance Standards
3701:1-67 Radiation Generating Equipment Therapy                                                                       
3701:1-68 Industrial Radiation-Generating Equipment

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