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Public Health Standards


Public Health Standards for local health departments resulted from the passage of Ohio Revised Code Sections 3701.342 and 3701.343 and the respective Ohio Administrative Code Rules 3701-36-01 through 3701-36-30. The minimum standards assure that boards of health and local health departments provide for essential public health services and programs within their jurisdiction. Activities involve monitoring and reviewing compliance with the Standards, reviewing state subsidy applications, reviewing contractual agreements, and analyzing Annual Financial Reports. Compliance with the minimum standards under the Rules is necessary for local health departments to receive their calculated amount of state subsidy funds. The Annual Financial Report from local health departments provides information not only for the calculation of state subsidy but also for a statewide picture of the financial capacity of each department. The Public Health Standards are the basis for the services to be provided by a local health department which contracts with other health districts to provide the services.


  • Assistance to local health departments in the areas involving the scope of the Public Health Standards, with administrative and planning issues, and with financial issues.
  • Reviews local health department contracts which provide public health services.
  • Collects annual financial data from the local health districts.
  • Determines local health district compliance with the public health standards for determination of state subsidy awards.

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