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Draft Rules

ODH defines "Draft rules" as text that ODH staff are drafting and editing and have not yet been formally proposed for adoption.

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Chapters/Rules Description Posted Comment Period Office
3701-41-04  Poison Control, Prevention and Treatment: Maintenance and reporting data  1/23/2015 2/22/2015 
3701-56  Ohio Dentist Loan Repayment Program  1/23/2015  2/22/2015
3701-2  Functions of Bureaus and Divisions  1/21/2015 2/20/2015 
3701-3 and -73  Infectious Disease Reporting  12/1/2014  ended
3701:1-48-05 and 3701:1-50-25  Radiation Protection Rules 11/19/2014  ended 
3701:1-54  Low-level Radioactive Waste  10/27/2014  ended
3701:1-38 General Radiation Protection Standards  10/09/2014 ended
3701:1-66 Radiation-Generating Equipment: General administration requirements for handlers of radiation-generating equipment  9/12/2014 ended
3701:1-58  Medical Use of Radioactive Materials  8/29/2014  ended
3701:1-40  Licensing Requirements for By-Product and Accelerator Produced Radioactive Materials  7/22/2014 ended
3717-1 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code 6/9/2014  ended
3701-26  Recreational vehicle Parks, Combined Park-Camps, and Temporary Park-Camps  9/26/2013
rules further revised 11/20/2013 on basis of comments

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Last Updated: 1/23/2015