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Draft Rules

ODH defines "Draft rules" as text that ODH staff are drafting and editing and have not yet been formally proposed for adoption.

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Chapters/Rules Description Posted Comment Period Office/Bureau
3701:1-49  Radioactive Material Standards -- Well Logging  10/20/2016  11/20/2016 OHAL/BEHRP 
3701-84  Certain Health Services Standards: Facilities; Personnel; Patient Selection Criteria; Reports 10/19/2016 11/19/2016 OHAL 
4747-1  Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Licensing Board  10/12/2016  11/10/2016  HADFLB 
3701:1-58 Medical Use of Radioactive Materials  9/27/2016  10/27/2016  OHAL/BEHRP 
3701-7  Licensing of Maternity Units, Newborn Care Nurseries and Maternity Homes  9/13/2016  ended OHAL 
3701-12-23 Certificate of Need  9/13/2016  ended OHAL
3701-18 Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs and Train-the-Trainer Programs  8/25//2016  ended OHAL 
3701-72 X-Ray Machine Operators, Radiographers, Radiation Therapy Technologists, and Nuclear Medicine Technologists: Licensing and Education Programs  6/10/2016  ended OHAL/BEHRP
3701:1-52  Radioactive Material Standards - Irradiators 3/25/2016  ended OHAL/BEHRP 

*OGC  [Office of the General Counsel]; OHAL [Office of Health Assurance and Licensing]; OHIW [Office of Health Improvement and Wellness]; OHIW [Office of Health Improvement and Wellness]; OHP [Office of Health Preparedness]; OPI [Office of Performance Improvement]; BID [Bureau of Infectious Disease]; BEHRP [Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection]; BHP [Bureau of Health Promotion]; BHS [Bureau of Health Services]; BMCH [Bureau of Maternal & Child Health]; BVS [Bureau of Vital Statistics]

Last Updated: 10/21/2016