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Draft Rules

ODH defines "Draft rules" as text that ODH staff are drafting and editing and have not yet been formally proposed for adoption.

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Chapters/Rules Description Posted Comment Period Office/Bureau
3701-57  Birth Defects Information System  7/29/2015  8/29/2015  OHIW/BMCH 
3701-26  Campgrounds  7/29/2015  8/29/2015  OHAL/BEHRP 
3701:1-67  Therapy Radiation-Generating Equipment  7/22/2015  8/21/2015  OHAL/BEHRP 
3701-69-03, -04 Radon Mitigation License  6/29/2015  7/29/2015  OHAL/BEHRP
3701:1-37  Physical Protection of Category One and Category two Quantities of Radioactive Material  6/24/2015  ended OHAL/BEHRP 
3701-14 Hospital DRG and Performance Measures Reporting Requirements  6/11/2015 ended OHAL
3717-1 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code Rules  5/21/2015  ended OHAL/BEHRP
3701-4  Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System  4/29/2015  ended OHIW/BHP 
3701-3-14 Reporting requirements--poison control prevention and treatment centers and other health-related entities  4/28/2015  ended OHP 
3701-12  Certificate of Need Program  4/27/2015  ended OHAL 
3701:1-46 General Licenses and Licenses for Manufacturing and Distribution  4/1/2015  ended OHAL/BEHRP 
3701:1-44  Licensing of Source Material  3/31/2015  ended OHAL/BEHRP 
3701-33-06  Agricultural Labor Camps: Housing site and units 2/5/2015 ended OHAL 

*OHAL - Office of Health Assurance and Licensing
  OHIW - Office of Health Improvement and Wellness
  OHP - Office of Health Preparedness
  BID - Bureau of Infectious Disease
  BEHRP - Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection
  BHP - Bureau of Health Promotion

  BMCH - Bureau of Maternal & Child Health
Last Updated: 7/29/2015