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Draft Rules

ODH defines "Draft rules" as text that ODH staff are drafting and editing and have not yet been formally proposed for adoption. 

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Chapters/Rules Description Posted Comment Period Office/Bureau


[2nd posting]

Required screening; facility requirements  6/4/2018  6/28/2018 BPHL 
3701-64-02  Investigations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of residents or misappropriation of property; notice of hearing rights 5/25/2018  6/24/2018 OHAL 
3701-19-30 to 52  Pediatric Respite Care Facilities  5/25/2018  6/24/2018  OHAL
3701-81  Lead-Safe Rental Registry  5/24/2018  6/23/2018  BEH 
[2nd posting] 
Radon Testing, Mitigation and Laboratories  5/11/2018  ended BEH 
3701-36-03 and-05  Re-posting: Public Health Standards  4/12/2018


Legislative Affairs 
3701-36 Public Health Standards for Local Health Departments   3/1/2018 ended Legislative Affairs  
3701-49 and 3701-55-02 Public Health Laboratory   2/21/2018 ended  BPHL 
3701-64  Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Resident or Misappropriation of Property in Long-Term Care Facilities  12/15/2017 ended OHAL
3701:1-38  General Radiation Protection Standards for Sources of Radiation  12/14/2017  ended BEHRP 
3701-18-25  Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program; Train the Trainer: Fees for the state-administered test  9/26/2017  ended OHAL 


[1st posting]

Radon Testing, Mitigation, and Laboratories  9/20/2017  The comment period is
3701-28  Private Water Systems  8/14/2017 ended BEH 
3701-7  Licensing of Maternity Units, Newborn Care Nurseries and Maternity Homes   8/7/2017 ended OHAL
3701-44 Ryan White Part B  12/1/2016  ended OHIW

*OGC  [Office of the General Counsel]; OHAL [Office of Health Assurance and Licensing]; OHIW [Office of Health Improvement and Wellness]; OHIW [Office of Health Improvement and Wellness];OHP [Office of Health Preparedness]; OHPPI [Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement];  BID [Bureau of Infectious Disease]; BEHRP [Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection]; BHP [Bureau of Health Promotion]; BHS [Bureau of Health Services]; BMCFH [Bureau of Maternal & Child and Family Health]; BPHL [Bureau of Public Health Laboratory]; BVS [Bureau of Vital Statistics]; PHLIP [Public Health Lead Investigation Program]; PHL [Public Health Laboratory].
Last Updated: 6/4/2018