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Draft Rules

ODH defines "Draft rules" as text that ODH staff are drafting and editing and have not yet been formally proposed for adoption.

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Chapters/Rules Description Posted Comment Period Office/Bureau
3701-48  Save Our Sight Program  10/8/2015   11/7/2015 BMCH/OHIW
3701-64  Investigation of Allegations of Abuse, Neglect in LTC-Facilities and Misappropriation of Property of LTC-Residents  9/22/2015 10/22/2015  OHAL 
3701-84 Adult Cardiac Catheterization Services  9/21/2015  10/21/2015 OHAL
3701:1-38-02  Fees for inspection, application, amendment, and renewal of radioactive material sources of radiation  9/21/2015 10/21/2015 OHAL/BEHRP
3701-75  Internal Controls Regarding Accessing Personal Confidential Information at the Ohio Department of Health  8/31/2015 ended  OGC 
3701:1-50  Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials  8/6/2015  ended OHAL/BEHRP 
3701:1-48  Radioactive Material Standards -- Industrial Radiographers   8/4/2015 ended OHAL/BEHRP 
3701-26  Campgrounds  7/29/2015  ended  OHAL/BEHRP 
3701:1-67  Therapy Radiation-Generating Equipment  7/22/2015  ended OHAL/BEHRP 
3701-14 Hospital DRG and Performance Measures Reporting Requirements  6/11/2015 ended OHAL
3701-33-06  Agricultural Labor Camps: Housing site and units 2/5/2015 ended OHAL 

*OGC - Office of the General Counsel
  OHAL - Office of Health Assurance and Licensing
  OHIW - Office of Health Improvement and Wellness
  OHP - Office of Health Preparedness
  BID - Bureau of Infectious Disease
  BEHRP - Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection
  BHP - Bureau of Health Promotion

  BMCH - Bureau of Maternal & Child Health
Last Updated: 10/08/2015