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Diabetes Prevention and Management

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Diabetes in Ohio

According to 2011 data from the Ohio Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), it is estimated that more than 10 percent (885,815) of Ohio adults have been diagnosed with diabetes. In addition, it is estimated that nearly 200,000 Ohio adults have either been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or prediabetes, increasing their risk of progressing to Type 2 diabetes later in life. (Source: 2011 Ohio Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System)


The Ohio Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (ODPCP) strives to improve Ohioans' access to quality diabetes care and services for the purpose of reducing the burden of diabetes and its complications. Our goal is to make Ohio the place where people with diabetes live better lives. We work to establish a widely accepted statewide plan for the control of diabetes, while placing a priority on reaching high-risk, under-served, and disproportionately affected populations. The ODPCP is working towards decreasing diabetes prevalence and diabetes-related complications such as; amputations, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and blindness.  We intend to achieve such a statewide plan through establishing a network of diabetes care, prevention, and awareness of the burden of diabetes in Ohio.  The ODPCP began in 1977 and is located at the Ohio Department of Health, Division of Prevention, Bureau of Healthy Ohio.

We Promote

  • Enhanced awareness of diabetes and the complications of diabetes to all Ohioans  
  • Increased control of diabetes for those who have been diagnosed 
  • Access to quality care for those disproportionately affected populations with diabetes 
  • Improved care of services for under served populations with diabetes in Ohio 
  • Quality diabetes education: promotion of wellness, physical activity, weight, blood pressure control, and smoking cessation 
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education 
  • Partnerships, community involvement and capacity building

Diabetes Prevention and Management

Research studies have found that moderate weight loss and exercise can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes among adults at high-risk of diabetes. Click here to learn about the risk factors for type 2 diabetes, what it means to have prediabetes, and what you can do to prevent or delay diabetes.


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