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Adoption Information

The Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, houses birth and adoption records of persons born in Ohio and adopted anywhere in the United States.  Below is the list of adoption laws and procedures that are used in Ohio:  

  • Adoptions Prior to January 1, 1964 - Adoption records open to adoptee who was born and adopted in Ohio, with proper identification.  Also available for lineal descendants with proof of identity and genetic linkage.
  • Adoptions Between January 1, 1964 and September 18, 1996  - Due to a recent change in law adoptees can gain access to their adoption file and original Birth Record from the Ohio Department of Health. There is a one-year waiting period before any records will be released. The first day adoptees and their lineal descendants may request the adoption file is March 20, 2015. Between now and then, biological birth parents can complete the Birth Parent Information Packet for more information click the link directly above.  
  • Adoptions After September 18, 1996  - Adoption records are open to adoptive parents when the adopted person is between 18-21 years of age.  If the adopted person is 21 years or older, the records are open to the adoptee. Records will only be opened if the required documentation and releases are on file.          

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Reviewed: 9/30/14