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Court Ordered Correction of Certificate


Corrections on certificates are orders from a probate court correcting errors and/or mistakes on the original birth record. You may call the Probate Court in the county in which you reside to get a list of required documents.

County Probate Court Directory

Establishment of a new birth record in the Ohio Vital Statistics office requires a certified copy of the court order of correction. The court order must have been granted by an Ohio Probate Court.

The court order must contain:

  1. Information listed from the original birth record

  2. Items to be corrected

  3. Name of the county of the court

  4. Case number

  5. Final date of the correction

  6. Signature of the probate judge or deputy clerk

  7. Court seal (not mandatory if original)

You may be able to use a simple affidavit to correct some items, such as one letter in a name. Click here to print the affidavit form.  Our customer service team can help you complete the form and check to make sure the changes can be registered.  Call 614-466-2531 or email



Updated: 11/06/2015