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Legal Attachments

All legal name changes and affidavits of corrections are attachments to the existing birth certificate. When you request a copy of your birth certificate, you will receive a one page computer generated birth abstract acknowledging the legal change. This is a legal document with a raised seal and will be accepted as such by all agencies, such as passport office, social security, etc.


Birth affidavits should be used to correct minor spelling and data entry errors on original records.  They should not be used to change items, especially race, gender or year of birth.  To change or correct an item, which will result in a new certificate, please see Court Ordered CorrectionsClick here  to print an affidavit, which can be used to make small corrections on certain birth fields.  Please call 614-466-2531 for assistance in completing the affidavit.


Court Ordered Legal Name Changes

When a legal change of name has been granted to a person whose birth occurred since December 20, 1908, the Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, requires a certified copy of the court ordered legal change of name. The court order must have been granted by a probate court.  Some courts may send the certified copy directly to our office, while some may require the petitioner to do so. 

Last updated: 05/09/2013