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The Vital Statistics Helpdesk transitioned in July 2016 from using Helpstar to ServiceNow to receive and track requests for assistance from our partners in birth facilities, funeral homes, doctor’s offices, and local vital statistics offices.  This page has some tips for making the best possible use of ServiceNow so we can respond to your requests effectively. 

ServiceNow Guide

Registrars, deputy registrars, and clerks who are new to Vital Statistics, unfamiliar with ServiceNow, or in need of a refresher on how the new system works, should start with this guide.  You can always request your username and password via an email to

Knowledge Base 

The most recent update to ServiceNow included a feature called "Knowledge Base" which can serve as a secure reference point for ServiceNow users to access documents from the Vital Statistics Helpdesk team.  The new 2017 Local VS Manual is available through the Knowledge Base as well.  Other documents that the VS Helpdesk needs to securely share with our partners at local VS offices in the future may also be posted in the VS Helpdesk Knowledge Base.  For information on accessing the Knowledge Base please see the updated user guide available here

When to Use ServiceNow

ServiceNow should be used to request assistance from the VS Helpdesk for the following categories: 

  • Birth Certificate Abstract Errors:  The most common use of ServiceNow is to request corrections be made to a birth record in IPHIS so an abstract can be issued with correct information.  This includes typos made when converting the original image to an electronic record, corrections to the footnote on the record, removal of the “deceased” watermark for individuals who are not dead, and checking the mother’s last name on older birth records with no separate fields for mother’s maiden and current last names.  Please note:  the Helpdesk will only make corrections to bring the abstract in IPHIS into agreement with the original birth certificate image.  Changes to the original birth certificate information should be made through an affidavit or court order, as appropriate. 

  • Death Certificate Image Requests:  Registered death records in EDRS without the image of the death certificate attached can be fixed via ServiceNow request.  All requests for death record images should be printed from the .pdf file that will be attached to the closed ServiceNow ticket.  Please only enter one SFN for one death record per request.

  • User Account Change:  For local VS offices adding staff, adding roles to current staff, or notifying the Helpdesk of staff leaving their offices.  See the All IPHIS/EDRS Users page or the Local Vital Statistics Main Page on this site for the forms you will need to attach to your ServiceNow request. 

  • Password Reset:  The VS Helpdesk can reset your password for the ODH Application Gateway or for IPHIS/EDRS. 

  • Extract Issue:  Many local VS offices take advantage of the “Reports” menu in IPHIS/EDRS to generate monthly or weekly reports of the vital records activity in their jurisdictions.  If you are having difficulty creating, saving, or understanding those reports, use this category for your ServiceNow request. 

  • Policy/Procedure/Business:  Questions about VS procedures like “Can I issue a book copy of a birth record with a legal name change attached?” (the answer is no), about general policy questions, or about business concerns like quarterly billing questions should be given this category.  

  • Affidavit Issue:  Please only use this category if you are unable to reach the Special Registration department (at with your emailed birth affidavit, you are having an issue generating a death affidavit in EDRS, or you have a request to correct a record with an affidavit present.  Regular birth affidavits should be submitted with a cover sheet to - see the Local Vital Statistics Procedures and Training page for more details on our affidavit process. 

  • Connectivity Issue:  If you are receiving time-out error messages, or error messages regarding your connectivity to IPHIS/EDRS, select this category for your request.  Please keep in mind that password issues or situations where you have no Internet access at all in your office are not considered “connectivity issues” for the Helpdesk to solve. 

Last Updated: 11/13/2017