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Welcome/New Users

This page is for birthing facilities in the State of Ohio and contains the most recently updated guides and worksheets for entering birth records into IPHIS/EDRS.  If you are a new IPHIS/EDRS user at a birth facility please refer to the New Users section on the IPHIS/EDRS Users page to the left, or contact your Facility Administrator to make a request with your name and email address included - via email to or via ServiceNow - for an account to be created.  Your username and initial password will be emailed to you and your Facility Administrator on creation of the account.  If you are making changes to your Facility Administrators, use the form linked here and send it via email to the VS Helpdesk once it has been approved by your hospital executive. 

Reminder - Changes to Birth Records

With the move to electronic registration of all Ohio births beginning in 2017, it is important for birth facility clerks to remember that a birth record cannot be changed through an unlock request once the record has moved to registered status.  Information on the CCHD, Hearing, Immunization, and Crib tabs can be updated by clerks with those specific user roles, but on a registered birth record all demographic information (names, places of birth, dates of birth) must be updated by affidavit or court order.  For further details, please consult the IPHIS Guide for Birth Facilities listed below. 


IPHIS Guide for Birth Facilities

An updated version of the IPHIS Guide for Birth Facilities, encompassing all of the topics discussed on this page and including information on viewing reports, correcting information, surrogacy, and pending records in IPHIS, can be found here


Birth clerks should contact the Vital Statistics Registration department ( or the VS Helpdesk (614-466-2531, option 2 then option 3) regarding surrogate births PRIOR to initiating a birth record in IPHIS in order to validate the supporting evidence. A surrogate mother may contract with intended parents prior to a birth in order to legally define which names must be assigned on an Ohio birth certificate. A probate court with legal jurisdiction may order the names of the genetic parents onto a birth certificate prior to or after the birth. Court supported documentation of a surrogacy agreement, or court documentation specifying parentage for recently divorced/separated mothers, should be sent to for approval prior to creation of the birth record in EDRS.


Dashboard User Guide for Hospitals 

Birth Facility Staff:  Click here to review the Reporting Dashboard User Guide for Hospitals.  The data dashboard was developed to improve the quality of birthing data in Ohio.  With the system, hospitals are able to keep track of the quality of their data.  It gives hospitals access to timely information for improving their data by addressing issues of incompleteness, omissions, and wrong information.  It provides hospitals with a listing of actual birth certificate numbers containing problems allowing them to correct their errors and enhance the quality of their data.  Hospitals are also able to compare themselves to their peer groups and to facilities statewide measured against ODH standards for data quality.

For more information, or to get enrolled for access to the dashboard, please contact the VS Helpdesk or the Statistical Analysis Unit via email. 


Reporting Guide for Hospitals

For a guide to the reports available to hospitals through IPHIS, including instructions on creating and exporting your reports, please click here


Forms Requests

Birth facilities who need copies of ODH paper forms, including Fetal Death reports, should complete the fax request form here.  Please be aware that copies of the brown Acknowledgment of Paternity affidavits, form JFS07038, must be ordered directly from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services at

Last Updated: 5/16/2018