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The Bureau of Vital Statistics uses a program called Integrated Perinatal Health Information System/Electronic Death Registration System, or IPHIS/EDRS, to file and maintain our birth and death records in Ohio.  This page contains general information on IPHIS/EDRS user accounts and troubleshooting.  To go directly to your IPHIS/EDRS login, click here


Citrix Download

IPHIS/EDRS requires a Citrix environment to launch from your web browser.  If you are logging in from a new PC, if you have updated your browser, or if you have deleted your internet cache and history, you may be prompted to reinstall the Citrix client.  Select “Run” once the client has downloaded, and “Allow/Permit Access” when asked to give permission for Citrix to access your computer.  You can also click here and select "Click here to obtain the client software" at the bottom of the page to download the Citrix web client. 


Password Resets

If you are locked out of your user account in IPHIS/EDRS or have forgotten your username or password for the ODH Application Gateway or ServiceNow you can contact the Vital Statistics Helpdesk via email at or by phone at 614-466-2531, option 2 then option 3.


New Users

If you are a new IPHIS/EDRS user at a local Vital Statistics office or Child Support Enforcement Agency you should contact your registrar or Facility Administrator to make a request - via email to or via ServiceNow - with your name and email for an account to be created.  Your username and initial password will be emailed to you and your Facility Administrator on creation of the account.  If you are making changes to your Facility Administrators, use the form linked here and send it via email to the VS Helpdesk once it has been approved by your Health Commissioner or head of office as appropriate.

If you are located in a birthing facility or hospital, please have your Facility Administrator complete a IPHIS User Support Document to ensure you have all of the necessary roles, located here.  An email will be sent to you and your Facility Administrator upon account creation.  The Support Document can be returned to the VS Helpdesk via fax or email.  If you are making changes to your Facility Administrators or to the information in IPHIS for your birth facility use the form linked here and send it to the VS Helpdesk once it has been approved by your hospital executive. 

If you are a coroner, clerk in a coroner’s office, or deputy coroner, you can be added or removed from EDRS using the EDRS User Support Document linked here.  Once your coroner has signed the form, it can be emailed to for the account to be created or updated. 

If you are a funeral director or clerk in a funeral home, you can be added or removed from EDRS using the EDRS User Support Document linked here with the approving signature of a licensed funeral director.  Please email this form to the Vital Statistics Helpdesk promptly when staffing changes occur.  We also deactivate individuals or funeral homes in EDRS when the Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors (BEFD) notifies our office that a license has expired.  If we receive a notice from the BEFD that licensure has been renewed we are able to reinstate access.


Browser Tips

IPHIS/EDRS and the Ohio Department of Health Application Gateway are not optimized for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers.  If you are having issues with the alignment of windows or information being cut off in your browser when you try to access our system, we suggest using Internet Explorer and going to your “Settings” menu option (may be accessed by clicking the gear symbol at the top right of the browser window).  Under “Compatibility View settings”, you can add the IPHIS/EDRS login page and the Application Gateway to the websites run in Compatibility View.

As of September 23rd, 2016 the security certificate for the IPHIS/EDRS login was updated.  Users experiencing connection issues should go to the Citrix Receiver download page here

Vital Statistics Contacts

The Bureau of Vital Statistics recommends contacting our office via email for general questions about our vital records or our procedures.  The Vital Statistics Helpdesk at can assist with birth certificate abstract error resolution, IPHIS/EDRS questions, and access changes.  Phone: 614-466-2531, option 2 then option 3.  Fax: 614-564-2420

Our Special Registration department can be reached at to answer questions about affidavits, legal name changes and amendments.  Fax: 614-564-2457

The Registration department at can assist with adding unfiled records to IPHIS, homebirths, surrogates, and disposition without funeral homes.  Fax: 614-564-2514

Page Updated: 5/16/2018