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Professional Resources Outside ODH Vital Statistics

  • The National Center For Health Statistics collects data from vital records in every state and reporting jurisdiction across the United States and uses that data to generate reports on trends in public health.

  • The Ohio Revised Code, specifically Chapter 3705, provides the statutory framework for the Bureau of Vital Statistics.  The Ohio Administrative Code defines some of the ways in which the Bureau of Vital Statistics works to comply with the ORC. 

  • The Ohio Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors handles licensure, continuing education, and statutory compliance for embalmers and funeral directors in Ohio. 

  • The Ohio State Coroners Association provides a professional organization for coroners in Ohio including continuing education and discussing and encouraging methods to improve the office of Coroner. 

  • Local Courts of Common Pleas interact with our vital records in many ways: issuing marriage licenses and divorce decrees and certified copies of those documents, filing delayed birth registrations, amending birth and death records, approving legal name changes.  Click here for a directory of Ohio county courts. 

  • The Ohio History Connection has a large collection of vital records from both the pre-Bureau era and from records beyond our mandate to maintain as well as historical records of all kinds. 


Last Updated: 4/4/2017