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Vital Statistics for Funeral Homes


This site is maintained by the Bureau of Vital Statistics for our funeral home professional partners.  If you are a member of the public needing a certified copy of a vital record, or general information about our records, please click here.

NEW! Vital Statistics Quarterly Broadcast for Funeral Homes

March marked the first of a planned series of quarterly broadcasts for our funeral home stakeholders across Ohio.  These broadcasts will be aiming at informing and refreshing funeral directors and funeral home staff on the intricacies of EDRS.  Click here to view our inaugural broadcast (requires speakers) and don't forget to review the Q&A portion of the presentation located below the video. 

Coroner and Physician E-Certification of Death Records

The Bureau of Vital Statistics is slowly expanding the 2016 update to EDRS that allowed coroners to sign and certify death records electronically to physicians across Ohio.  Our initial efforts will be targeted at facilities and physicians currently signing hundreds of paper death certificates yearly.  A full list of physicians participating in electronic certification can be found here.  Funeral homes who are aware of Ohio physicians interested in converting to electronic registration may direct them to the Stakeholder Support Site page for physicians here

Death Record E-Filing Update

As of April 2018, VS has an updated request for approval form (available here) with a listing of the e-filing email address for all 110 local Vital Statistics offices across Ohio.  This means signed death certificates can be emailed with a request for approval form the local registrars who will review the certificate and accept or reject the filing within one business day.  Any funeral home handling a paper death record may participate.   

Getting Started/User Changes in EDRS

If you are a new funeral director in need of access to the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS), a funeral director changing your place of employment, or a funeral director who is leaving the profession, click here for the form used to make EDRS user account changes.  The completed form should be sent via email to, or via fax to the VS Helpdesk at 614-564-2420. 

A new funeral home, a funeral home changing its name or location, or a funeral home in the process of shutting down should click here for a copy of the form user to make changes to the funeral home information table in EDRS.  Again, please submit the completed form via email to, or via fax to the VS Helpdesk at 614-564-2420. 

EDRS User Guides

The Vital Statistics Helpdesk has created a number of guides for EDRS users learning the system or interested in reviewing.  The overall EDRS guide for funeral directors interested in learning to create death records can be found here, including information on the workflow for the recent EDRS enhancements to coroner-certified death records.  For corrections to the death record made via affidavit, click here.  For more information regarding EDRS please use the IPHIS/EDRS Users link on the left hand side of this page. 

Burial Permit Fee Report 

For sub-registrars who need to report their permits on a monthly basis to the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing, a copy of the form can be found here

Medical Certifiers – Cause of Death, Electronic Signature, FAQs

Every death record needs input from both the funeral director (for the demographic information) and the medical certifier (the physician or coroner who determines the cause of death).  Many questions about who can sign a death certificate including who can be considered an “attending physician”, can be answered in this statement from the State Medical Board of Ohio.  Finally, a September 2015 memo from the Director of the Ohio Department of Health announcing that funeral directors may accept scanned/emailed or faxed copies of death certificates with the signatures of physicians is here

Page Updated: 5/16/2018