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Marriage and Divorce Information

The Office of Vital Statistics does not issue marriage licenses nor divorce decrees (they are issued by the probate court or clerk of courts).  The Office of Vital Statistics maintains the index of marriages that occurred in Ohio from January 1, 1950 to present and divorces that occurred in Ohio from January 1, 1954 to present.  The service provided by our office is to search for limited information from marriage and divorce abstracts that may be used to locate actual licenses or decrees from the courtsWe do not have marriage licenses or divorce decrees on file.  Please use the following links to contact the local court if you need a certified copy of the record:

Marriage License - County Probate Court

Divorce Decree – County Clerk of Courts 


Should you need assistance determining which county a marriage or divorce occurred in, please contact our customer service team at 614-466-2531.

For statistical information, visit the Marriage and Divorce page on our website.


Updated: 4/4/2017