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Which vital records do we have?  

The Office of Vital Statistics preserves birth records filed after December 20, 1908 and death records filed after January 1, 1964. 

For recent records, please call our customer service representatives at 614-466-2531 to see if we have registered the record yet. It can take one month for the birth or death record to be filed through the city or county health department and then registered by our office and available for issuance.  The records will be available for issuance at the city or county health department a few weeks before they can be issued from the state Office of Vital Statistics.  Click here to review our statewide directory.

As of October 1st 2014, certified copies of death records for the years 1954 through 1963 will no longer be available through the Ohio Department of Health.  The Ohio History Connection (formerly the Ohio Historical Society) will be able to issue plain paper copies of these records and provide a searchable index for genealogists, researchers, and other customers.  More information can be found on their website at , under Collections & Archives.  Certified copies of death records prior to 1963 will continue to be available from the local vital statistics office in the city or county where the death occurred. 

To find out more about federal mandates for the collection of vital statistics, visit the Center for Disease Control & Prevention at

Archived Records

Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code, Section 3701-5-11, death records older than 50 years and birth records older than 125 years may be removed from the Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics (ODH/VS), and sent to the Ohio History Connection for archival. ODH/VS will not certify copies of records that have been removed from the vital records vault and sent to the archives at the Ohio History Connection. Plain paper copies may be purchased from the Ohio History Connection. Customers may obtain certified copies by contacting the local health district in which the vital event took place (local health districts are not subject to the same retention schedule as ODH/VS). For more information about archived records, including how to request a copy, please contact:

The Ohio History Connection - Phone: 614-297-2300 - Website:

The Ohio History Connection houses Ohio death records from December 20, 1908 through December 31, 1963. A limited internet index of death certificates is available at   

Birth and death records from 1867 through December 19, 1908, were filed through the county probate courts. There is no statewide index to birth and death records from 1867 through December 19, 1908. The Ohio History Connection maintains a list of county probate court vital records held in their archives; if the Ohio History Connection does not hold a county’s vital records, please contact the county’s probate court directly.


Updated: 4/4/2017