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ODH 2017 Ohio Drug Overdose Report

Prescription opioid-related overdose deaths have reached an eight-year low and heroin-related overdose deaths are at a four-year low, according to a new report released by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Illegally produced fentanyl which is being mixed and used with other street drugs such as cocaine, heroin and psychostimulants like methamphetamine is now driving Ohio’s unintentional overdose deaths – 4,854 in 2017.

The report also revealed that the number of overdose deaths declined during the second half of 2017 by 23 percent.

“The good news is Ohio is seeing significant progress in reducing the number of prescription opioids available for abuse, and as a result, prescription opioid-related overdose deaths that don’t also involve fentanyl are at their lowest level since 2009,” said Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Director Mark Hurst, M.D. “This progress is significant because prescription opioid abuse is frequently a gateway to heroin and fentanyl use.”

“While data shows us that Ohio’s efforts to curb prescription opioid abuse are working, the driving force today in Ohio’s ever-changing opioid epidemic is deadly fentanyl being used with other street drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine,” said ODH Director Lance Himes. 

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Last Updated: 9/28/2018