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Ohio Department of Health Releases Burden of Injury Report

The Ohio Department of Health Violence and Injury Prevention Program is pleased to present the first comprehensive Burden of Injury in Ohio report. The report uses multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive picture of the burden of injury in Ohio.

The Burden of Injury Report presents the patterns, causes and effects of injury over time and across the lifespan. There are chapters focusing on injury by intent, such as homicide, suicide, and unintentional injury. Chapters of the report also concentrate on circumstance in which injury occurs, including motor vehicle traffic, bicycle, pedestrian, poisoning, suffocation, falls, and firearms. 

The report also focuses on infant suffocation, falls among older adults, and drug overdose/poisoning to describe the populations most vulnerable to specific injuries in Ohio. Each chapter provides detailed tables presenting the respective injury and violence numbers and rates by age group, sex, and race over time.  Traumatic brain injury and the economic burden of injury in Ohio are also addressed in the report.


Last Reviewed: 1/25/13