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Chronic Disease Plan Promotional Toolkit

Ohio's Plan to Prevent and Reduce Chronic Disease 2014-2018 (Chronic Disease Plan) is a five-year, priority driven plan that includes cross-cutting objectives to impact policies, systems and environments influential to chronic disease outcomes and health behavior change.

The following materials were designed to help our stakeholders and partners promote the Chronic Disease Plan to fellow colleagues, constituents, other state and local stakeholders/partners, and policy makers.

Q & A - General talking points that summarize the key points of the Chronic Disease Plan for use during meetings, presentations, etc. It explains why and how the Chronic Disease Plan was developed, what it hopes to achieve, and how organizations can get involved with its implementation.

Fact Sheet - Brief introduction to the Chronic Disease Plan including its goal, long-term outcomes and framework for how it will be implemented.

A Call to Action - Guidance for how various sectors can use the Chronic Disease Plan to identify evidence-based objectives that fit specific community needs and align with a larger statewide effort. It can be used to engage stakeholders to use the Chronic Disease Plan and join the Ohio Chronic Disease Collaborative.

Website Content - Sample content that can be adapted to promote the Chronic Disease Plan on your organization's website.  


Click here to download all of the documents above.

NEW! Power point Template - Sample Power point template that can be customized to promote the Chronic Disease Plan at meetings, events or conferences. *Please download the file from Google Drive to customize.

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Last Reviewed 11/15/2016