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STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries) Tool Kit 

Did you know that one out of three people 65 and older fall each year? 


Ohio Health Care Providers - Request Your Complimentary STEADI Tool Kit!

The Ohio Department of Health is pleased to offer printed copies of the complete STEADI Tool Kit for health care providers in Ohio.  For a free copy of the tool kit please submit your name, address, provider type, email address and phone number to: 

To view and download electronic copies from the CDC's web site, please click here: CDC STEADI Toolkit



STEADI LOGOHealth care providers play a critical role in the prevention of falls.  Integration of simple screenings into your practice can help identify patients at-risk for a fall such as those with lower body weakness, difficulties with gait and balance, postural hypotension, medication use, vision problems and home hazards.  By addressing these risk factors or referring patients to community programs or specialists who can, health care providers can significantly reduce their patients’ chances of falling and suffering serious, life-changing injuries such as hip fractures. 

The Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries (STEADI) Tool Kit is a suite of materials created by CDC’s Injury Center for health care providers. It is a provider resource adapted from the American and British Geriatric Societies’ Clinical Practice Guideline.  It includes basic information about falls, case studies, conversation starters, and standardized gait and balance assessment tests.  In addition, there are educational handouts about fall prevention specifically designed for patients and their friends and family. Click on the links below to access electronic versions of the tool kit documents or Ohio health care providers may click here to request a complimentary printed copy provided by ODH.

STEADI Tool Kit Contents

Make Fall Prevention Part of Your Practice

Get Background Information about Falls

Read Case Studies Featuring Patients at Risk of Falling

Use Validated Tests to Assess Your Patients’ Falls Risk Factors

Offer Your Patients a Medical Referral

Offer Your Patients Encouragement, Resources & Referrals

Ohio Department of Health's STEADI Promotional Materials

Interested in promoting the STEADI Tool Kit for National Falls Prevention Awareness Day?  ODH has developed some promotional materials to help inform your organization, company or practice of the resources available to conduct falls screenings using STEADI.  Click here to access the materials. 

STEADI Training Resources

Learn more about how the STEADI resources can be used in clinical practice to assess, treat, and refer older adult patients based on their fall risk. 

CDC STEADI video training for providers to learn about the development of STEADI, its unique resources, methods for incorporating into practice, and financial incentives for doing so.

STEADI training slides from ODH June 18th STEADI webinar with Dr. Judy Stevens (CDC) and Dr. Richard Schuster (University of Georgia) 

CDC STEADI videos for balance testing  to demonstrates Timed Up and Go (TUG) Test, 30 second Chair Stand Test and the 4-Stage Balance Test


For More Information:

For more information on falls among older adults please contact:

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Last Reviewed 08/08/2016