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Prescription Drug Abuse Action Group


What is the Prescription Drug Abuse Action Group?




Due to the rapid and alarming increase in drug overdose deaths, the Ohio Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program created a subgroup, the Prescription Drug Abuse Action Group (PDAAG) of the Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP) to focus specifically on this epidemic of drug deaths.

The purpose of the PDAAG is to identify and implement actions for the prevention of prescription drug misuse, abuse and overdose and to serve as a means of communication and collaboration on this topic among interested organizations, agencies and individuals throughout the state.  

Specifically, the PDAAG identified and is implementing the following:

Examine statewide data and produce materials to raise awareness about this issue:

Prioritize prescription drug overdose as a public health threat.  

Determine drugs of abuse responsible for increasing death rates and access issues.

  • Prescription Opioids are the drug type associated with the largest percentage of drug poisoning deaths.
  • Multiple drug use plays a significant role in the epidemic.

Conduct a state symposium:

Research existing local, regional and state programs and policies.

Conduct regional forums in high risk areas to present data and discuss solutions.

  • Forums have been conducted or are being planned in Scioto, Montgomery, Fairfield, Butler and Ross counties, among others.

Develop state-level recommendations and strategies for increasing capacity to respond to this problem.

Raise awareness of this issue in the media and among the public.

Conduct pilot prevention programs in high risk areas.

  • Programs are currently being conducted in Scioto and Montgomery counties.

How Do I Join?

To become a member of the OIPP or any of the Action Groups please complete the online membership application.  You will begin to receive meeting notifications and updates about the group's activities.

For more information about the group, please contact the Ohio Department of Health Violence and Injury Prevention Program at 614-466-2144.

Last Reviewed 09/28/2015