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Who Does What at ODH?

Government structure can be somewhat confusing. Public health governance is complex.  This page was designed to help navigate this difficult maze to answer the question, Who Does What?

WHO . . .

Keeps birth, death, marriage and divorce records?
Vital Statistic Registrars in various city/county health departments maintain birth and death records for their jurisdiction, while the ODH Office of Vital Statistics keeps birth and death records statewide. Marriage certificates are kept by the county probate court; divorce decrees by the county clerk of courts.

Regulates restaurants and other food establishments?
The local health department where the establishment does business conducts the actual inspections. The director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, and the director of Ohio Department of Health have the exclusive power in this state to adopt rules regarding retail food establishments and food service operations.

Enforces the Ohio Smoking Ban?
ODH or its designee, the local health department. In most cases, the local health department handles enforcement.

Licenses/inspects Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/MRs)?
The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (ODODD) licenses ICFs/MR. ODH inspects (surveys) ICFs/MR to determine if they meet the federal certification requirements.  The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services administers the Medicaid program in Ohio.

Licenses hospitals in Ohio?
Ohio does not license hospitals, but ODH does register hospitals. As part of this registration process, hospitals in the State of Ohio are required to complete and submit the Annual Hospital Registration and Planning Report each calendar year.

Licenses/certifies nursing home and other health care facilities?
ODH licenses certain health care facilities under Ohio law and certifies certain facilities under federal law or Medicare/Medicaid. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services oversees Medicare/Medicaid in Ohio. 

Has oversight over septic tanks and sewer systems?
ODH and local health departments regulates household sewage disposal systems which dispose or treat sewage for a single-family, two-family, or three-family dwelling. Larger systems, including municipal sewer plants, are regulated by the Ohio EPA.

Last updated 10/26/15