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59131-doctor-woman.jpgThe Ohio Department of Health (ODH) both licenses and registers individuals and facilities in a variety of professions and industries. Below is an alphabetical listing of links of those licensed or register by ODH. 

Asbestos Contractors
The Asbestos program licenses asbestos abatement contractors and certifies companies and persons directly involved with the asbestos abatement industry.

Hearing Aid Dealers
The Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Licensing Board regulates the practice of fitting and selling hearing aids in Ohio.

Health Care Providers
Information on health care providers, such as, ambulatory surgical centers, birthing centers, CLIA labs, outpatient rehabilitation, dialysis centers, home health agencies, Hospices, hospitals, ICF/ID facilities, residential care facilities (assisted living), rural health clinics and others.

Lead Abatement
The Lead Poisoning Prevention Program ensures the public receives safe and proper lead abatement, detection and analytical services by requiring those services be conducted according to federal and state regulations, and by trained and licensed personnel.

Nurse Aide Registry
The Nurse Aide Registry keeps track of those individuals who have met written and skills test criteria to be certified for employment in long-term care settings, usually nursing homes. The registry also maintains records of those nurse aides who have had a finding of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property against them.

Nursing Homes/Facilities
ODH licenses and/or certifies 962 nursing homes/facilities and certifies nursing facilities for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Private Water Systems Contractors
Private water systems are regulated by ODH and private water systems contractors are registered.

72059-radiation.jpgRadiologic Licenses
Radiologic licenses are issued for the following categories: radiographer, nuclear medicine technologist, radiation therapist and general X-ray machine operator (GXMO).

Radon Licensing
The Radon Licensing program licenses companies and persons directly involved with the radon testing and mitigation industry

Radioactive Material Licenses
The Nuclear Materials Safety Program oversees the licensing, inspection and enforcement of all radioactive materials handlers regulated by the State of Ohio for certain byproduct, special nuclear and source material.

X-ray Equipment Registration
The X-ray Registration Program registers, maintains records for and tracks radiation-generating equipment in Ohio. Handlers of radiation-generating equipment are required to be registered with the Ohio Department of Health.


Updated 10/31/2016