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Ohio Laws and Rules Related to Tuberculosis

Ohio laws and rules on tuberculosis are located in the Ohio Revised Code 339.71 thru 339.89 and the Ohio Administrative Code (


Ohio Revised Code

339.74 TB record bureau:

339.79 Reporting case of TB that is resistant to one or more drugs:

339.80 Investigations:

339.81 Confidential information:

3701.13 Powers of Health Department (quarantine):

3701.34 Health Commissioner authority (quarantine):

3701.56 Enforcement of quarantine:

3707.04 Quarantine regulations:


Ohio Administrative Code:  Reporting & Isolation Requirements

3701-3-01 Reportable disease definitions:

3701-3-02 Reportable diseases:

3701-3-03 Reportable disease notification:

3701-3-04 Lab reporting:

3701-3-05 Time of report:

3701-3-06 Reporting to the Ohio Department of Health:

3701-3-08 Release of medical records:

3701-3-13 Isolation requirement:

3701-15-01 TB definitions:

3701-15-02 Acceptable TB program:

3701-15-03 TB standards for the purposes of section 3701.14 of the Revised Code:


Created 9/23/2013

Reviewed 6/11/2018