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Rural Health Clinic

A rural health clinic (RHC) is a facility that is located in a rural area designated as a shortage area (personal health services or primary medical manpower) and is neither a rehabilitation agency nor a facility primarily for care and treatment of mental diseases. A physician on the clinic’s staff must provide the RHC’s medical direction. There are other staffing requirements as pertain to physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives. Rural health clinics are not licensed in Ohio. Federal standards for Medicare certification are found at 42 CFR Part 491, Subpart A. RHCs are not currently subject to an annual survey visit, but are surveyed consistent with a percentage of total state universe as set by the Medicare budget each Federal Fiscal Year.

Health Care Provider and Services: To obtain real-time information, generate, print and download reports regarding health care providers that are licensed and/or Medicare/Medicaid certified by the Ohio Department of Health.

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