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Ohio Asthma Data

Ohio Surveillance System for Asthma

Asthma surveillance is the ongoing collection, analysis, and interpretation of asthma-related data. The Ohio Surveillance System for Asthma (OSSA) is a repository of Ohio asthma data resources established by Ohio Department of Health to inform its programs and serve as a resource for others.

OSSA provides access to high quality population-based data on asthma morbidity, mortality, risk factors and disease management for:

  • Monitoring asthma occurrence and trends, and describing the physical and economic burden of asthma in Ohio

  • Identifying high-risk populations for asthma in Ohio

  • Planning and evaluating interventions and programs to control the burden of asthma

Asthma Surveillance Pyramid

Asthma Surveillance Pyramid: Types of data used to describe the burden of asthma in Ohio.

See OSSA data in action for a detailed brochure.  

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If you have questions or require additional information, please contact the ODH Asthma Program at (614) 728-3620 or

Last Updated: 1/7/16