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Environmental Health Data System Integration Project (EHDSI)

In January 2011, the Ohio Department of Health’s (ODH) Bureau of Environmental Health hired a consultant to review current and future environmental health business processes in most environmental public health programs. As a result of this phase I process review, the consultant was able to assess current processes, document requirements and make recommendations regarding an environmental health data integration system for the State of Ohio.  A copy of the consultant’s report may be obtained at the link provided below.

On behalf of ODH, the Department of Administrative Services has awarded HealthSpace, USA the contract for the Environmental Health Data System Integration project.  ODH has convened a group of stakeholders to review and affirm business requirements for operation of the system. 

Please refer to the project's Frequently Asked QuestionsWorkplanFit/Gap Analysis and Work Schedule for additional information and detail in addition to what was provided in the original HealthSpace RFP response addressing the following subjects:  Requirements Affirmation;  User Configuration Management; System Design; Historical Data Conversion and Transmittal Data Import Services; Training; Testing (to include all test scripts and data requirements and data to the lowest level); System Implementation, including Backup/Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity; and Post Implementation Support.

Phase I of implementation included the following programs: Public Pools/Spas, Agricultural Labor Camps, Campgrounds and Food Safety.  ODH has convened a Steering Committee made up of local health district users to collaborate with and assist with decision making related to on-going implementation and maintenance of the system.  The Steering Committee met monthly to receive updates and provide input into system functionality.   Phase I has been released and continues to be refined as we begin planning for Phase II implementation

Phase II of implementation began in July 2014 and includes the following programing: Private Water Systems, Household Sewage Treatment Systems, School Environmental Health, Rabies, Tattoo & Body Piercing, Resident Camps.  ODH will continue to provide periodic updates on the progress of the project below, as well as, through User Group and Steering Committee meetings.

Last reviewed: 11/24/2015