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Tobacco-Free Schools (K-12):
Role Modeling for Our Future Generations

Did you know that 26.1%1 of high school students are current tobacco users?

Did you know that the younger a person starts to use tobacco, the harder it will be for that person to stop using tobacco permanently? 2

Throughout Ohio, schools are adopting tobacco-free policies to endorse a healthy lifestyle and curtail tobacco use.

What Does Tobacco-Free Mean?

A 100% Tobacco-Free School Policy prohibits all tobacco products at all times by students, staff and visitors on school grounds, athletic grounds or parking lots; in any building, facility, or vehicle owned, leased, rented or chartered; and, at any school sponsored event on or off campus.  The policy also should include a statement about enforcement for student, staff and visitors; policy rationale; educational reinforcement; and notification/signage. 

The Ohio Department of Health Tobacco Program provides outreach and education about implementing policy change including materials, events, webinars, resources, and other opportunities.

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Learn more about how to work toward adopting a policy in your school district.

See our sample model policy.


                                                Alexander Local                                                               

                                                Amanda-Clearcreek Local

                                                Brunswick City                                                  

                                                Circleville City

                                                Copley-Fairlawn City                                      

                                                 Federal Hocking Local

                                                Licking Valley Local                                         

                                                Logan-Hocking Local

                                                Oregon City                                                       

                                                Spencerville Local

                                                St. Clairsville-Richland City                           

                                                 Union Local

View a listing of school districts with tobacco policies to see how they score on tobacco policy criteria rankings (rubic). 

The ODH Tobacco Program welcomes school districts to submit updated and current policies.  All Star School Districts score all 23 points on the rubric.

A Note About Tobacco Use and Youth:

The Centers for Disease Control publishes a fact sheet that shows the relationship between youth tobacco use and reduced academic performance. Learn more here.

The tobacco industry targets its advertising to get youth addicted. They offer fruit- and candy-flavored cigarette-sized cigars and smokeless products like chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, sticks, etc. But the use of smokeless tobacco produces toxic juices that are swallowed by users, posing risks for various types of cancer – and enabling tobacco addiction for our youth. That is why tobacco bans are recommended – the problem does not exist strictly with smoking. Health agencies are currently evaluating how to address our growing e-cigarette use, since initial studies indicate that toxic substances are ingested through the nicotine in e-cigarettes.  Learn more about youth tobacco use here.

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1Ohio Department of Health. Ohio Youth Tobacco Survey, 2010 Columbus, OH. May, 2012.

Updated 11/27/2013