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2016 Tobacco Conference Presentations

ODH’s 2016 Tobacco Conference, Looking Deeper than the Surface to Reduce Tobacco-Related Disparity took place September 29, 2016 at Quest Conference Center in Columbus. 2016's event focused entirely on strategies to address nicotine dependence in populations most disparately impacted by the burden of tobacco use.

This year’s title was chosen based on the knowledge that disparate groups usually make up a small percentage of our population, the tip of the iceberg, yet they use tobacco more than everyone else, represented by the expansive portion under the water.  We know looking only at the surface and treating tobacco use in all populations the same is certainly not going to make an impact. 

For 2016, the decision was made to offer a general session experience as the topics will be relevant for all attendees. The annual Tobacco Conference is sponsored by the Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program in an effort to provide strategies on best practices for effective tobacco use prevention and cessation programs.

NOTE: Some presentations may take a few minutes to load.





Presenter Title

Schedule of Events







Setting the Stage: A Presentation of Ohio's Tobacco Disparity Data


Mandy Burkett


Director, ODH Tobacco Program



Nicotine Addiction, Tobacco Use and Cessation Strategies For People with Mental Illness


Judith J. Prochaska, PhD


Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University



The Birth of the LGBT Tobacco Control Movement


Bob Gordon, MPH


California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership



Addressing Disparities in Smoking Rates of People with and Without Disabilities


Erica Coleman


Health Activities Coordinator, University of Cincinnati



Tobacco Related Health Disparities and Adverse Health Outcomes among Pregnant Smokers and Select Racial/Ethnic Minorities


Surendra Bir Adhikari, PhD


Mental Health Administrator & Health Disparities Lead, OMAS



Understanding Socioeconomic States and the Impact of Tobacco


Gretchen Clark Hammond, PhD