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  Approved Pretreatment Components

Pretreatment Component Approvals

ODH has the authority to approve the use of systems and components in accordance with law and rules. The Sewage Treatment Systems Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) makes recommendations to ODH regarding the approval or disapproval of systems and components that differ in design or function from those established in Rule.

ODH approval is intended to ensure that pretreatment component reliability and effluent quality is achieved and maintained in accordance with provisions of Ohio Revised Code 3718.04 and/or the provisions of OAC Chapter 3701-29 in effect at the time of the ODH approval and any HSTS General NPDES Permit requirements as applicable. The link below lists components that are approved for one or more of the following: sizing reduction, soil depth credits and NPDES-permitted discharge.

Approved Pretreatment Systems and Components

Page reviewed: 11/25/15