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Approved Systems and Components  

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3718 provides authority to the Ohio Department of Health to review and approve sewage treatment systems and components. Standards for the construction and installation of basic types of sewage treatment systems are established in the Sewage Treatment System Rules (Ohio Administrative Code [OAC] Chapter 3701-29).

Ohio Revised Code Section 3718.04 describes the process for the review and approval of sewage treatment systems or components that differ in design or function from systems or components authorized in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-29. Sewage treatment systems have been subject to this review and approval process since January 1, 2007. Manufacturers have been required to submit an application that includes the specific requirements and operation/servicing checklists for the maintenance of systems and components, and any requirements for factory specific training necessary to service the system under review.

The approval of the system or component by the Director of Health incorporates by reference the requirements for factory specific training for service providers to ensure proper servicing and maintenance of systems and components. The new sewage treatment systems rules, Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-29, became effective on January 1, 2015 require that service providers obtain factory specific training to service products when required by the manufacturer for all products approved after January 1, 2007.

Ohio Administrative Code rule 3701-29-13 (M) through (O) states:

(M) Manufacturers of sewage treatment system treatment trains approved for use in the state of Ohio shall be required to provide documentation as proof of certification for those individuals or companies qualified to oversee installation, install, or service their products. Qualified individuals or companies shall retain said documentation and provide it to the department or board of health upon request.

(N) Manufacturers of pretreatment components shall be required to maintain a list of system installations and locations either directly or through a local distributor. The list shall be accessible to the board of health or the department of health upon request.

(O) Manufacturers of sewage treatment systems and treatment trains approved for use in the state of Ohio shall be required to provide training, certification, recertification and related documentation as applicable to service providers, installers and system owners on the proper installation, operation and maintenance of the component or system. Manufacturers shall ensure that there is more than one service provider reasonably accessible to owners of installed systems, and that parts and special tools are readily available.

Here is list and link to the Manufacturers that require factory training for the installation and to perform service on products approved after January 1, 2007.

See Product Review page for application information.

Special device approvals have been established to authorize the use of certain soil absorption and distribution technologies statewide and to allow review of their performance until such time the device is incorporated into the Ohio Administrative Code.  


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