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Sewage Treatment Systems System Type Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide a brief description of the following system types and the average cost of operation and maintenance in Ohio:

Sewage Treatment Systems in an Emergency

Power Outages--Power Outages and Sewage Treatment Systems
Flood Events--When your septic systems is flooded

NPDES Factsheets 

Homeowner Factsheet for NPDES Systems
Factsheets on NPDES systems that can be updated
Sampling Protocol for NPDES Systems

US EPA General Operation and Maintenance Factsheets on Household Sewage Treatment System

EPA Septic Smart
Homeowners Guide to Septic Systems
The Do's and Don'ts of your Septic System
Do's and Don'ts of your Advanced Treatment Unit (ATU)
Proper Landscaping on and around your Septic System

Other General Operation and Maintenance Factsheets on Household Sewage Treatment Systems

A Homeowners Guide to Evaluating Service Contracts

Know your Household Sewage System--Learn the do's and don'ts when using a household sewage treatment system.
Know your Septic Tank--Understand the basics and learn how to properly maintain your septic tank.
Why not use Pool Chlorine for Disinfection--An article spelling out why you can not use pool chlorine in your home septic system  

Know How to select a Home Site Things to think about before you purchase that property for your new house.

Domestic Septage Disposal in Ohio Defines domestic septage and explains the role of local health departments, Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in governing requirements.

Ohio's Decentralized Wastewater Infrastructure Read key information concerning health risks, protecting community health and finding solutions for managing sewage treatment systems in Ohio.

Guidance for Temporary Housing Associated with Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Operations--Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Health (2012)




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