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ODH Presentations

2018 Midwest Presentations:  Operation and Maintenance Tracking Program

                                                 Sewage Treatment System Program Survey

To connect to the archives of the recorded webinars click on each link. Please note that all webinars must be viewed using Internet Explorer as your web browser. We have been advised the software used to produce the webinar series is not compatible with other browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)

 2015 Archived Presentations:

Sophie O'Connor RS  Operation and Maintenance Tracking Program in Darke County
Andrew Thomas RS A Guide to Trench System Calculations
Matt Deaton Soil Scientist-- From Soils Report to Design
Delaware County-- Steps for Mound Review
Ron McAdams--StreamKey--Steps to review a Drip Distribution System
Dr Larry Brown OSU Using DrainMod Model Results  to Evaluate Engineered Drainage Designs

    Septage Management Workshop 
Rebecca Fugitt RS--New Statewide Sewage Rules
Tom Frank--Septage: What is it and What are my options for Disposal and Reuse
John Colletti--US EPA Region 5--Domestic Septage and 40 CFR Part 503
Betsy Vanwormer--Ohio EPA--Biosolids: An Overview
Dan Leavitt--Dos and Don'ts for Bringing Septage to a Wastewater Plant
Mark Fritz-- Agronomic Benefits of Land Applications 

NPDES Resources

Here is the link to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency web page for the list of household systems that have received coverage under the NPDES general permit.  

Soil Resources 
The following list provides a variety of published investigations, research, journal articles and other resources regarding the design, installation, performance and impacts of sewage treatment systems. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but provides resources for local health districts, designers, contractors and homeowners that wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of sewage treatment systems. 

Contamination of Ground Water and Contaminant Migration
Report of Findings - Unsafe Water Supply Investigation, Wooster Township, Wayne County Ohio EPA – Division of Drinking and Ground Waters; December 2006
Effects of Domestic Sewage on Ground Water Quality in Two Subdivisions, Coshocton County, Ohio --Ohio Department of Health – Residential Water & Sewage Program; April 1989
USGS Report--Organic Wastewater Compounds, Pharmaceuticals, and Coliphage in Ground Water Receiving Discharge from Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems near La Pine, Oregon: Occurrence and Implications for Transport (2005) 

Contamination of Surface Water USGS Report (2005)

Soil and Water Table Articles
Lateral Movement of Water in the Capillary Fringe under Drain fields (NORWA 2006)
DSat8 and Seasonal High Water Tables in Indiana Soils (2004)
On-Site Sewage Disposal - The importance of the wet season water table (JEH 1990)
On-Site Systems and Curtain Drains on Poorly Drained Soils (2006 summary)

System Designs

General-- USEPA Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual (2002)

Soil and Linear Loading Rates
Hydraulic Wastewater Loading Rates to Soil. E. J. Tyler. 2001
Designing with Soil: Development and Use of a Wastewater Hydraulic Linear and Infiltration Loading rate Table. E. Jerry Tyler and Laura Kramer Kuns. 2000
Tyler Table (2000) for estimating Loading Rates

Wisconsin Mound Soil Absorption System: siting, design and construction manual(Converse & Tyler, 2000)
Pressure Distribution Network Design (Converse, 2000)

Additional Resources can be located at OSU Soil Environment Technology Learning Lab (tab down to Bulletins and Manual)

Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Management
US EPA Handbook for Managing of Onsite and Clustered (Decentralized) Wastewater Treatment Systems (2005)

Minimizing Nitrogen Discharges from Onsite Wastewater Systems (2012)



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