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Sewage Treatment System Technical Advisory Committee

The Sewage Treatment System Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was established in 2004 under section 3718.03 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).  The TAC's mission is to assist the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) in the review and approval/disapproval of sewage treatment systems (STS) and components that differ in design and function from those authorized for use in the sewage treatment system rules (Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29).  Specifically, ORC Section 3718.03 states that the TAC is to:

  • Work with ODH to develop an application and standards, guidelines and protocols for ORC Section 3718.04 review.
  • Review applications as specified in ORC Section 3718.04
  • Review and recommend approval or disapproval of the request to the Director of Health.
  • Actively pursue and recruit the research, development, introduction, and timely approval of innovative and cost-effective household STS and components including conducting pilot projects to assess the effectiveness of the STS component.

Ohio Revised Code 3718.03

Ohio Revised Code 3718.04

Technical Advisory Committee Membership

The committee consists of 13 members representing academia, sewage treatment system manufacturers, private contractors (installers, service providers, and designers), public health professionals, soil scientists, engineers, the Ohio Township Association and the director's designee from ODH.  Members are appointed by the Governor, President of the Senate, or Speaker of the House of Representatives and serve three year terms.  

ODH Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Members 

Application for ORC 3718.04 Review

Manufacturers seeking statewide approval of a sewage treatment system or components may submit an application for ORC Section 3718.04 Review.  The application, application instructions, standards and guidelines, and protocol can be found on this website at the program's Product Review page.

Meetings of the Sewage Treatment Systems Technical Advisory Committee

TAC meetings are open to the public and are scheduled as needed for the review of applications for systems or components.  Meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month.  TAC meetings are held at the Ohio Center for Occupational Safety and Health (OCOSH) at 13430 Yarmouth Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147-8310 or at the Ohio Department of Health in Columbus, Ohio. When scheduled, the agenda for the TAC meeting and location is available at the following link:

TAC Meeting Agenda 

TAC 2018 Minutes

 March 13, 2018     April 10, 2018

TAC Yearly Meeting Summaries

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TAC Annual Reports

ORC Section 3718.03 (G) requires the chairperson of the committee to prepare and submit an annual report concerning the activities of the committee to the general assembly.  The report shall discuss the number of applications submitted under Section 3718.04 of the ORC for the approval of a new sewage treatment system or a component of a system, the number of such systems and components that were approved, and any information that the committee or chairperson considers beneficial to the general assembly.

TAC 2017 Annual Report
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