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Private Water Systems Contractor Forms

Filing Well Logs / Sealing Reports

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Groundwater Program has moved.  The new mailing address for all correspondence, including well log and drilling reports and sealing reports, is:

ODNR Div. of Geological Survey
2045 Morse Road, Bldg. C-2
Columbus, OH 43229-6693

Please discard all pre-addressed envelopes you may have.

If you have filing questions, contact Jim Raab at 614-265-6747 or

File a well log or sealing report

Searching Well Logs / Sealing Reports 

Well log and sealing report searches may be done on the ODNR website or by calling 614-265-6740.

Search for a well log or sealing report 

Job Status / Completion Form for Private Water Systems:

Form Requirements

The following must be submitted to the Local Health Department after work on the Private Water System has been completed.

  • Job Status portion requirements:
    • Must be completed and submitted to the Local Health District within ten (10) days of the completion of the work done.
    • Briefly explain what work was done;
    • Keep a copy for your records;
    • Use a copy to complete the Completion Form portion at a later date if you chose;
    • When submitting within ten days, the Completion Form portion may also be completed.
  •  Well Logs, Completion Forms, and Sealing Reports requirements:
    • Must be completed and submitted to the Local Health District within thirty (30) days of the completion of the work done.
    • Specific detail is required on this portion of the form;
    • If submitting within ten (10) of the completion of the work, the form will replace the Job Status submittal requirements.

Water Treatment and Filtration Label Templates

Use these templates with your company name on them to label the disinfection and filtration component of the private water system.

Registration forms for Private Water Systems Contractors are located at the Registration webpage.

OEPA District Offices
  • If you are working on water system for a water system with more than 15 service connections, or that serves more than 25 people more than 60 days out of the year, please contact the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) District Office of Drinking and Ground Waters prior to obtaining a permit from the local health district. The Ohio EPA will determine if you meet the requirements as a public water system. If not, contact your Local Health District to obtain a permit to construct, alter, or seal a private water system.

 Updated 05/31/2018