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Types of Private Water Systems

Ensuring the safety of drinking water from a private water system, whether it is a water well, spring, pond or rainwater cistern, is important. The Ohio Department of Health establishes construction standards for different sources of water and types of systems, and requires that contractor who work on these systems are registered and bonded to protect public health.

 Private Water Systems Contractor Registration 

Below is a list of the different types of private water systems.  These links provide access to the information for each type of private water system. This information should be helpful with the process of planning and constructing a new water system or altering or sealing an existing private water system.

Continuous Disinfection is required for all ponds, springs, cisterns, and shallow cased wells.  Chlorine, Iodine, Ultraviolet Light and Ozone are the approved types of Continuous Disinfection for private water systems.

For information about maintenance of your private water system, visit: Water System Maintenance

If you are unable to locate the information needed about the private water systems types, contact:

Laboratories certified to conduct water testing for private water systems

The private water system rules (Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-28) require water samples collected from private water systems to be analyzed by laboratory certified by either the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) or the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) for system approval after new construction, alteration or repair. The department recommends that all water samples collected from private water systems for real estate transactions, or consumer information also be analyzed at a certified laboratory to ensure that proper procedures and water analysis methods are used to protect public health. 

Page Updated 05/30/2018