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Where can I learn more about my private water?

The following information provides links to educational information and events that occur continuously or at various times throughout the year.  For local event information, contact your city or county health department office to see if they are planning "Test Your Well Events" or other types of events. 

If you need assistance locating the phone number of your city or county health department office, go to the "Find My Local Health Department" page on the Ohio Department of Health website at

National Ground Water Association (NGWA)

The National Groundwater Association has developed a series of on-line water well owner trainings and factsheets which can be viewed at:

The Private Well Owner Hotline (855-420-9355)

  • A new service to help household well owners find information on construction, maintenance, water quality and groundwater protection.
  • The Private Well Owner Hotline operating hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time, except national holidays.

Private Well Owner Tip Sheet 

  • Free monthly tip sheet to provide practical information on how to reduce risks to your water supply.

Protect Your Groundwater Day 

  • Every year the National Groundwater Association sponsors a groundwater protection awareness day, Protect Your Groundwater Day.
  • Learn more about what you can do to help protect your groundwater every day!

For information about the National Ground Water Association, go to

 Web-Based Well Water Interpretation Tool

The Residential Water and Sewage Program at ODH has worked with OSU Extension and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency on the development of a new Web-based water quality interpretation tool for private well owners. The purpose of the tool is to help private well owners who have their water sampled from their well to understand the lab results and what actions they should take if necessary. Water sample results from a lab sheet are entered into the tool and with one click, well owners are provided with the standard for the parameter of interest, the natural range in ground water in Ohio for comparison, recommendations on actions, health effects and treatment options if applicable.

The tool is part of this website hosted at OSU Extension and developed by Extension and state of Ohio agencies to provide information to well owners:

The link to the well water interpretation tool:

The Private Well Class

Free online training for homeowners with water wells (Sponsored by USEPA, RCAR, Illinois State Water Survey, Illinois WRC, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

The Private Well Class is designed to help a homeowner better understand how to properly care for their water well, to ensure their water remains safe to drink. By understanding the basic science of water wells and following best practices to maintain and protect your water supply, this class will provide the tools you need to ensure a safe water supply and help extend the life of your well. The following topics will be covered in the ten-part email course:

  • Understanding how groundwater moves and gets into your well;
  • How water gets from your well to your faucet;
  • Basics of well construction and the type of well you have;
  • How groundwater and wells get contaminated;
  • Common operations issues for well owners;
  • How to care for and maintain your well, pump, and infrastructure;
  • Testing your well water and ensuring water is safe to drink;
  • Understanding test results and fixing water quality problems;
  • Understanding regulations that affect you;
  • What to do in an emergency or equipment failure;
  • Where to find help and get questions answered locally.  

Webinars are also available for:

  • How your private well works;
  • Proper care of your private well;
  • Water quality and your private well.

Farm Science Review - Molly Caren Ag Center, London, OH (

  • Takes place the third week of September of each year.  Check for the dates and more information on the Farm Science Review website.
  • The Ohio Department of Health's booth is located in Exhibit Building 2.
  • There will be a representative from the Residential Water and Sewage Program at the booth each of the three days.

The following link provides additional information about meetings, training, and events for Local Health Districts and Private Water Systems Contractors.

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