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Continuous Disinfection

Continuous Disinfection and Filtration of Microbiologically Contaminated Water ( Microbiological – bacteria, viruses, and protozoans)

Private Water systems, in Ohio, requiring continuous disinfection and protozoan cyst reduction are rainwater cisterns, springs, ponds, and some shallow wells.  Private water system ponds require additional continuous filtration equipment that includes either a rapid sand filter with coagulation and cyst reduction filters, or a rapid sand filter with a step filters arrangement. Slow filters may be used on pond systems without the additional of cyst filters since the slow sand filter design is intended to reduce cysts.

Types of Continuous Disinfection (all private water systems)

Continuous Disinfection Rules for Private Water Systems

Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3701-28-15.  Each type of private water system a continuous disinfection system is being installed on has specific additional requirements.  Please consult with your registered private water systems contractor, your local health department, or Private Water Systems Program staff at 614-644-7558.  


Page Updated 05/29/2018