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What is a Pond as it relates to a Private Water System?Pond used as a private water system

A "Pond"  is a man-made excavation at the ground surface that  collects surface water to be used for the purpose of providing water for human consumption. 

As required by Ohio Administrative Code rule 3701-28-14(B),"The pond and the watershed shall be under the complete control of one pond owner and the watershed shall be located on a parcel or parcels under one deed with the dwelling to which it is supplying water. If control of the watershed can not be maintained on parcels under the same deed then other private water system sources shall be considered. The board of health shall not consider a variance to this rule."  

          Private Water Systems Rules (OAC 3701-28)

Plans for Continuous Disinfection and Filtration for Ponds

      Design Plan 
  Design for Pond Systems - Coagulation, Chemical Disinfection 
  Design for Pond Systems - Chemical Disinfection without Coagulation 

Guides and Resources regarding Pond systems construction

Forms, Labels, and Registration

  • Forms (page for permit forms, contractor forms, LHD forms, registration forms)


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