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Breastfeeding and Ohio WIC


August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month (BAM) in Ohio.  Ohio WIC’s 2017 BAM theme is: “Breastfeeding: it’s a TEAM thing!” This theme is aimed to promote and support the fathers’ (and other support persons) role in successful breastfeeding. Research shows that if a mother’s partner is supportive of breastfeeding, she is more likely to give it a try, and more likely to keep going even if things get tough.  Our commitment to promote, support, and protect breastfeeding should extend beyond the breastfeeding dyad, to all persons that play a supporting role in the breastfeeding team.

Governor John R. Kasich’s Resolution designating August as Breastfeeding Awareness Month throughout Ohio is attached for your reference.

BAM 2017 Presentation (PDF)

BAM 2017 Presentation (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint)

The Ohio Department of Health, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends feeding only breast milk for the first six months of life and continuing to breastfeed along with other foods for the first year and beyond. 

The Ohio WIC Program commits to:

  • helping make breastfeeding the cultural standard for Ohio infants;
  • offering education and support to help women make informed feeding decisions; and
  • supporting the mother in her choice. 

How the WIC Program Supports Breastfeeding

WIC Breastfeeding Support Infographic

Breastfeeding: it’s a Team thing! poster - mom


Breastfeeding: it’s a Team thing! poster - dad


Breastfeeding: it’s a Team thing! poster - grandmother


Breastfeeding: it’s a Team thing! poster - Lactation Consultant


Last Revised: 8/4/17