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                                                                                           WIC PRO Award Winners   

 WIC PRO (Performance Recognized as Outstanding) Award



This award will be presented annually to a maximum of three local Women, Infants and Children (WIC) employees and one WIC employee team that meet the criteria specified. Nominees should include those who have made significant and sustained contributions to the program through his/her commitment such as excellence in service; high degree of productivity and initiative in the performance of responsibilities; innovative ideas; creative resolution of problems; leadership; outstanding teamwork; etc.


Process for Annual Award


Any local WIC employee, participant or vendor can make nominations by completing the WIC Perfomance Recognized as Outstanding (PRO) Award Nomination Form. Nominations must be submitted to the State WIC office by Dec. 31 of each year for award consideration. Award recipients are selected on the basis of their achievements by the WIC PRO Award committee consisting of an impartial panel. The WIC PRO Award committee will include six WIC state staff appointed by the Bureau of Nutrition Services chief.


Awards will be presented in the spring of each year. Winners will receive an award, their name will be posted on the Ohio Department of Health WIC Web site Employee Recognition category and an article about the recipient (s) will be published in WIC Notes newsletter.


Nominations should include at least the following information:


1.      Nominee's name, county of work and phone number

2.      Description of contributions

3.      How nominee's actions and contributions have impacted the program

4.      Nominator's name and relationship to nominee, county of work and phone number 


The following criteria should be addressed in as much detail as possible when describing nominee’s contributions. Point values in parentheses reflect the various weight given each dimension by the WIC PRO Award committee.


1.      Excellence in service (evidence of going beyond the expected to serve WIC participants) (30)


2.      High degree of productivity and initiative in the performance of responsibilities  (evidence of accomplishment[s] beyond that which is normally expected) (20)


3.      Innovative ideas (evidence of groundbreaking idea[s] developed) (10)


4.      Creative resolution of problems (evidence of problem solving) (10)


5.      Leadership ability (within co-workers or participants) (15)


6.      Outstanding teamwork (evidence of dependability and cooperation ) (15)


Nominees must be a full- or part-time, permanent employee of any Ohio WIC local project, and their achievements are limited to work-related performance within the WIC program. Employees cannot nominate themselves.  Lastly, an employee cannot receive more than one WIC PRO Award within a two-year period.




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