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The Ohio WIC program contracts with vendors twice a year, on a regional basis, for up to three years. The region for a store is defined by the county location (see map by clicking Vendor Regional Map). To view the regional contract periods click Regional Contracting Time Frames.

Interested parties must notify the State WIC office prior to the contracting begin date for their region. Please click Retail Vendor Application or Pharmacy Vendor Application for a sample. Every vendor applicant must meet all the contracting criteria as defined in rule 3701-42 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Specifically, every vendor must submit:

  • A properly completed contract application
  • A copy of the store's Food Assistance (formerly Food Stamps) SNAP authorization permit
  • IRS documentation
  • A W-9 form
  • Price survey/Vendor Peer Group
  • An infant formula supplier invoice
  • An automatic Deposit of State Warrants form
  • A voided check or letter from bank
  • The New Vendor Information form
  • A photo of the storefront
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of good standing with the Ohio Secretary of State

The Ohio WIC program offers three types of contracts – retail, retail/pharmacy, and pharmacy.

A retail contract means the store maintains the minimum quantities, sizes and types of authorized supplemental foods and can provide them to WIC participants or alternate shoppers at any time. During each application period the appropriate application will be posted on this website.

A retail/pharmacy contract means the store has a pharmacy within the building that can provide special formula within 24 hours of the participant’s request.

Click on the links below to view copies of the Preauthorization Site Visit Reports that are used during the application process.

Preauthorization Site Visit Report 1-3 Registers

Preauthorization Site Visit Report 4-7 Registers

Preauthorization Site Visit Report 8+ Registers

A pharmacy contract means the store provides only special infant formulas to WIC participants. Formulas must be available within 24 hours of a request.

There are a maximum number of pharmacy and retail contracts permitted per county. For information on this and other rules governing the WIC program, please click /en/rules/final/3701-40-49/f3701-42.aspx. Vendors may also review the latest newsletter The Vendor Register.

If you would like to request an application or speak to a WIC vendor specialist, click Vendor Specialists by County to find the specialist assigned to your county.


Last Updated: 1/2016