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Nutrition Education Makes WIC Special!


WIC has always provided nutrition education to those families who participate in the program. Although WIC targets mothers, infants, and young children, all families can benefit from the accurate facts about food, nutrition, and physical activity provided.





WIC offers a bunch of ways to learn about food, nutrition, breastfeeding, and activities for you to improve your health:

  • Classes with qualified teachers!

  • Personal one-on-one Counseling

  • Playing games using Nutrition Kiosks

  • Websites like

  • Colorful Bulletin Boards

  • Newsletters

  • Easy, Good Recipes

Check your local WIC agency.  Anyone can learn about food, breastfeeding, nutrition, and activity at our WIC classes!

Who Provides Nutrition Education?

In Ohio, WIC Health Professionals are dietitians, dietetic technicians, or nurses, and they provide personalized services. Ohio WIC Health Professionals have the education and credentials to provide current and accurate information.





What happens at a WIC Appointment?

  • First you meet our support staff. They are well trained to be able to help you with paperwork. 

  • Height, weight, and blood iron is checked about every six months. We can now do painless, no-stick blood work for most children and women!  Also, some basic health history paperwork is filled out.    

  • Your or your child’s health information is reviewed by a qualified health professional. All findings about your child’s growth and eating habits are reviewed with you. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we also review your health information with you. 

  • We know that every mom wants her child to be smart, strong, and grow up healthy. Together with the health professional, moms write a six-month goal to try something to help their child grow and have the best health they can have! A goal can be to try to give only milk with meals, or try some tips for their toddler to use an open cup instead of a bottle.  

can I find out about other help in my community for my family?

WIC Health professionals keep current with other services in your community:

you need some food information now?

Moms to be: Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Consejos para un Embarazo Saludable

Healthy Eating for Preschoolers

Infants: Feeding Your Baby

Alimentando a su Bebé

Visit your local WIC clinic for healthy foods and recipe ideas or click on FNCS Recipe Box  

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Last Revised: 10/7/2016