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Dental OPTIONS (Ohio Partnership To Improve Oral health through access to Needed Services) is a program run by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Dental Association. The mission of OPTIONS is to help people who have a low income and/or special health care needs get dental care. OPTIONS patients are mostly adults; many are the "working poor" or elderly living on a fixed income. Eligible patients are matched with volunteer OPTIONS dentists who have agreed to provide dental care for lower fees.

What you need to know about the OPTIONS Program

As a possible patient:

  • Dental OPTIONS is not an emergency program.
  • Only a few types of dental services are provided.
  • You cannot be eligible for Medicaid or have dental insurance.
  • Fees are based on your income and certain health conditions. You must be able to pay some money at the time of each appointment. If you do not have any income or other money, you will not be able to apply.

If you think you might be eligible to apply, please call 1-888-765-6789.

As a dentist:

The Dental OPTIONS Program relies entirely on volunteer dentists to provide dental care. Please see Details about Dentist Involvement to learn more about how dentists work with the program.

As a dental lab:

Many patients served by the Dental OPTIONS Program need dental care involving lab work, such as crowns or dentures. Currently, more than 100 dental labs provide services to dentists treating OPTIONS patients. Participating dental labs determine the number and types of cases to donate or discount. Please call 1-888-765-6789 for information on how to participate in the OPTIONS program.

Last Updated: 08/04/2017
Last Reviewed: 02/01/2018