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Nuclear Materials Safety Reciprocity

Licensees holding a valid U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or Agreement State license will be granted reciprocity to conduct licensed activities in Ohio upon submission of a completed reciprocity application, form HEA5522, attachments listed in the instructions to HEA5522, and the fee listed in Appendix A of rule 3701:1-38-02. Reciprocity must be applied for a minimum of three days prior to conducting activities.

Reciprocity is granted for a total of 180 days in a calendar year (all reciprocity agreements expire on December 31). Each time that a licensee enters Ohio to conduct activities under reciprocity three day advanced notification to the Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection is required. The Bureau may inspect licensees conducting activities under reciprocity. Inspections are invoiced in accordance with rule 3701:1-38-02(H).

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Last Updated: 12/03/2015