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X-ray ODH Gateway Access



Only the registrant’s Individual Responsible for Radiation Protection (IRRP) is granted access by Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to make record changes online.

The IRRP must have an established USER ID in Ohio Department of Health’s (ODH) Gateway secure system.

To change the IRRP on record, complete the IRRP CHANGE form HEA5526 and select the SUBMIT button on the form once completed to send to or fax to (614) 644-8526.

To proceed with processing a registration amendment online, select one of the three following links.

Set Up New User

If you have not created an account in the ODH Gateway, please select Originator Entry Form. An e-mail address is required, in order to receive your user ID and temporary password. You will be required to change your temporary password the first time you access the ODH Gateway. Additionally, you will be required to update the security question and answer by selecting the Personal Info tab after logging into the ODH Gateway.

Link Existing Account to Registration

If you have an established ODH Gateway user ID and password, please select X-ray Registration System Entry Form, in order to log-in and gain access to the X-ray Registration System through the ODH Gateway. After completing this step, and in the future, use the ODH Gateway.

ODH Gateway

If you have an established ODH Gateway user ID and password, please select ODH Gateway.


If you experience any problems with the ODH Gateway or need to reset your password, please contact (614) 752-5190.


Updated 6/28/2018