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Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 3701-49 and Rule 3701-55-02
Public Health Laboratory

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File Size Rule No. Title
102.0 KB  Memo  Memo to Interested Parties 
170.0 KB  BIA  Business Impact Analysis 
17.0 KB 3701-49-01  Fees for laboratory services  - Amended 
18.0 KB  3701-49-01.1  Fees for laboratory services (variable fees) - Amended
7.0 KB 3701-49-01.2 Fees for training activities To be rescinded 
7.0 KB 3701-49-01.3  When director may refuse to test To be rescinded 
7.0 KB 3701-49-02  Procedures for administration of laboratory fee No change 
8.0 KB  3701-49-03  Reports to council - To be rescinded 
10.0 KB  3701-55-02  Required screening; facility requirements - Amended 

Last Updated: 02/21/2018