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Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 3701-5
Vital Statistics

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File Size Rule No. Title
24.0 KB 3701-5-01 Definitions 
18.0 KB  3701-5-02 Forms used in the system of vital statistics 
29.0 KB  A  Appendix A: Certificate of live birth 
59.0 KB  B  Appendix B: Certificate of death 
115.0 KB  C  Appendix C: Report of death
35.0 KB D Appendix D: Affidavit correction of birth record 
31.0 KB  E Appendix E: Supplementary medical certification 
32.0 KB  F  Appendix F: Certificate of service 
19.0 KB  G  Appendix G: Burial-transit permit
36.0 KB H Appendix H: Certificate of adoption 
48.0 KB  I  Appendix I: Affidavit requesting new birth certificate for adopted child
22.0 KB  J  Appendix J: Certified abstract of divorce, annulment, or dissolution 
23.0 KB  K Appendix K: Certified abstract of divorce, annulment, or dissolution 
76.0 KB  L Appendix L: Determination of paternity 
67.0 KB  M Appendix M: Affidavit to correct a death certificate or fetal death report 
74.0 KB  N Appendix N: Application, finding, and order for correction of birth record 
32.0 KB  O  Appendix O: Certification of birth record (recreation of birth facts)  
49.0 KB  P  Appendix P: Finding and order establishing registration of birth
64.0 KB  Q  Appendix Q: Application, finding and order for registration 
41.0 KB R  Appendix R: Affidavit for adopted person requesting information for adoption fee
16.0 KB  S  Appendix S: Medical birth information request 
91.0 KB  T  Appendix T: Application for certified copy of birth or death certificate or paternity affidavit
53.0 KB  U  Appendix U: Application for certificate of public record 
34.0 KB  V  Appendix V: Denial of release form for biological parent 
33.0 KB  W  Appendix W: Authorization of release of adopted name 
34.0 KB  X  Appendix X: Authorization of release form for parent 
16.0 KB  Y  Appendix Y: Recission of authorization of release of adopted name 
58.0 KB  Z  Appendix Z: Certification of birth 
72.0 KB  AA  Appendix AA: Certification of birth for a stillborn 
10.0 KB  3701-5-03  Fees for certified copies of vital records and certifications of birth issued by the office of vital statistics 
18.0 KB  3701-5-04 Registration of an institution birth 
13.0 KB  3701-5-05  Appointment of sub-registrars
10.0 KB  3701-5-06  Medical certification of cause of death 
13.0 KB  3701-5-07  Filing of the certificate of death when the cause of death is not known 
13.0 KB  3701-5-08  Investigation of delayed filing of certificates of death and fetal death
10.0 KB 3701-5-09 Disposition permit fees 
13.0 KB  3701-5-10  Matching of certificates of birth and death 
13.0 KB  3701-5-11  Record preservation by office of vital statistics 
16.0 KB  3701-5-12 Disclosure of medical and health information
11.0 KB  3701-5-13  Heirloom birth certificate fee 
27.0 KB  3701-5-14  Coroner's protocol 
13.0 KB  3701-5-15  Adoption file fee 
17.0 KB  3701-5-16  Registration of out of institution birth 

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