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Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 3701:1-44
Licensing of Source Material

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File Size Rule No. Title
10.0 KB 3701:1-44-01 Definitions
11.0 KB 3701:1-44-02 Purpose and scope
12.0 KB 3701:1-44-03 Coverage of inactive tailings sites
13.0 KB 3701:1-44-04 License requirements and types of licenses
11.0 KB 3701:1-44-05 Communications
13.0 KB 3701:1-44-06 Completeness and accuracy of information
17.0 KB 3701:1-44-07 Persons using source material under certain department of energy and nuclear regulatory commission contracts
10.0 KB 3701:1-44-08 Carriers
16.0 KB 3701:1-44-09 Unimportant quantities of source material
8.0 KB 3701:1-44-10 Specific exemptions
4.0 KB 3701:1-44-11 General license to receive title to source or byproduct material
22.0 KB 3701:1-44-12 Small quantities of source material
20.0 KB 3701:1-44-13 General license for use of certain industrial products or devices

13.0 KB

133.0 KB 



Application for specific licenses

Criteria Relating to the Operation of Uranium Mills and The Disposition of Tailings of Wastes Produced by the Extraction or Concentration of Source Material from Ores Processed Primarily for Their Source Material Content 

15.0 KB 3701:1-44-15 General requirements for issuance of specific licenses
16.0 KB 3701:1-44-16 Special requirements for issuance of specific licenses
18.0 KB 3701:1-44-17 Conditions of specific licenses issued pursuant to rule 3701:1-44-16 of the Administrative Code
26.0 KB 3701:1-44-18 Financial assurance and recordkeeping for decommissioning
17.0 KB 3701:1-44-19 Terms and conditions of licenses
34.0 KB 3701:1-44-20 Expiration and termination of licenses and decommissioning of sites and separate buildings or outdoor areas
19.0 KB 3701:1-44-21 Transfer of source or byproduct material
22.0 KB 3701:1-44-22 Reporting requirements
23.0 KB 3701:1-44-23 Records
13.0 KB 3701:1-44-24 Effluent monitoring reporting requirements
8.0 KB 3701:1-44-25 Inalienability of licenses
11.0 KB  3701:1-44-26  Requirements for license to initially transfer source material for use under the 'small quantities of source material' general license 
21.0 KB  3701:1-44-27  Conditions of licenses to initially transfer source material for use under the "small quantities of source material" general license: quality control, labeling, safety instructions, and records and reports

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